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One thing I like about Mondays is I don’t have to cycle past drunk people who are going home, there’s nothing quite as disheartening as going to work when other people are going home to sleep.

Right well this one has work at 5am so he’s gonna go to bed.

Also did I ever mention what happened to my bike tyre? We found a curled sliver of metal in it, no wonder it went down before I even got on my bike!

Taming a horse is all well and good when you have no means of actually controlling the fucking thing, also I fenced off my village/house and tower, I need to repair a window but haven’t actually seen sand yet so there’s a dirt block in there somewhere, and I’ve set up a little area for when I manage to herd a cow or two home for infinimeat.

So I ended up making a cyclical mine (basically I whittled around until I found my crafting bench again) and a cavern that I didn’t want to go in, and have since made it to the surface and set up a farm, I’m in the process of renovating my village.

Oh I had to kill one of the villagers because he didn’t wait for the zombies to die in the sun before going outside and he turned and walked back into my house…

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