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Doug Jones (ex contortionist, now actor) is on the castlist for the film ‘Crimson Peak' out in 2015 (with Tom Hiddleston, Jim Beaver in it etc.), and his part on IMDb currently has no name..guys, that can only mean one thing-


I mean, this guy is the Johnny Depp of mythical creatures, he’s been in everything and is rarely appreciated

u could prob make up his kc name out of something of the game/character too?” The first thing I thought when I got this message was “can I really give my dog the KC name of Minor Junior Private Negative First Class Dexter Grif?”

I feel like when you play Cards Against Humanity it’s like… a safe zone for your most offensive humour-side. Like suppress all your asshole/offensive thoughts and feelings then play CaH and you can let it all out without losing friends, unless you have an incredibly sensitive friend who didn’t heed the prior warnings.

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