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This ain't no myspace (asks for adults)

  • 1:

    Exactly how long have you been in your current relationship?

  • 2:

    Most recent purchase over $500.

  • 3:

    How much of the furniture you own is the kind you have to build yourself?

  • 4:

    If you were to acquire a baby tomorrow what would you name it?

  • 5:

    How often do you change your sheets...really.

  • 6:

    Biggest adult decision ever:

  • 7:

    More immature thing you do on a regular basis.

  • 8:

    Biggest bill you pay.

  • 9:

    Smallest bill you pay.

  • 10:

    What small responsibility do you get the most excited over?

  • 11:

    List your kids from most tolerable to least tolerable based on the past 24 hours.

  • 12:

    Favorite year of school?

  • 13:

    Have you actually thought about retirement?

  • 14:

    Is sex better now than it was in high school/college?

  • 15:

    Do you own sex toys?

  • 16:

    Favorite place in your home?

  • 17:

    What's making you feel old?

  • 18:

    What do you drive?

  • 19:

    What adult responsibility do you loathe?

  • 20:

    The last time you did shots?

  • 21:

    What aggravates you about teenagers nowadays?

  • 22:

    5 biggest pet peeves.

  • 23:

    What are your shows right now?

  • 24:

    Have your political views changed since you left school?

  • 25:

    What's changed the most since 5 years ago?


Teen Wolf Cast Read Fanfiction:

This is one of the reasons why fans have disconnected themselves from Teen Wolf. If not for the fact that we’ve been used countless times, and because of how bad the writing has gotten…it’s because we’re mocked like this.

Our creations, our opinions, our ideas are mocked. We’re not taken seriously. We’re treated as jokes to MTV, to the writers, to the PR team, and to the social media team.

This is also further evidence as to why "The Collective" is a bad thing. Teen Wolf and MTV do NOT care about fan creations. It’s all about the pay off they’ll get for pretending like they don’t mock us behind our backs.

And I don’t want to blame the cast, because if I were an actor, I’d probably be a bit uncomfortable reading some of this about a character I play. I can understand that.

This is why fandom needs to be a separate thing, something that the power heads over at MTV should never have their grip on. This is just wrong and this is proof that the Teen Wolf PR team is absolutely disgusting.

I got a minute in and Tyler’s face pretty much sums up the whole thing:

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